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License Bits & Coffee Photo Marks Professional 2020 Lifetime Activation


License Bits & Coffee Photo Marks Professional 2020

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  • Windows
  • Mac [Kosong]
  • 32 Bit
  • 64 Bit

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Product Details

BrandBits & Coffee
Price USD$ 5.95

Product Description

PhotoMarks™ ~ Watermark on Mac & PC
PhotoMarks from Bits&Coffee is a fully-featured solution for visually watermarking images in batch mode for your desktop or mobile devices.

Why use a complicated, general-use photo editor like Photoshop® to watermark your images when you can use a lightweight specially built tool to perform the same task?

With PhotoMarks for Mac & PC you can completely customize the appearance of your text and logo watermarks, as well as perform additional edits like Resize, Rename, Auto Rotate, or add Graphical Frames to your photos in the same session. It works by editing photos in batch mode and takes advantage of multi-core processors for speeding up the process. You can also save your settings as profiles to easily reuse them later.

PhotoMarks is an easy-to-use solution with a greatly designed user interface, where previews are available for every step of the process.

Are you looking for a solution to watermark your photos on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? See our image watermarker for iPhone app

  • Batch processing with support for multi-core processors;
  • Completely customizable Text Watermarks with pixel-perfect positioning, tile mode, rotation, multiline text, custom & textured fonts, shadow, stroke, bounding-box, and more;
  • Completely customizable Logo Watermarks with pixel-perfect positioning, tile mode, rotation, scaling, stroke, shadow, and more;
  • Smart Resize filter that makes the difference between landscape and portrait photos, for automatically reducing image size in pixels;
  • Auto Rotate filter for automatically rotating photos to the right orientation or just use a predefined rotation;
  • Graphically decorate photos with beautifully designed Grunge, Vintage, Picture, and Shape Frames, add a Shadow Effect, or a Simple Border;
  • Completely customizable Rename filter with keywords and search & replace features;
  • Upload directly to FTP or send via email;
  • Upload to Flickr;
  • Easy to use user interface with previews for every step of the process;
  • Support for more than 50 image formats, including RAW formats from DSLR digital cameras;
  • Save settings as profiles and easily reuse them later.

Watermark thousands of images in one session by taking advantage of multi-core CPUs.

Load and save multiple image formats, including: JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF, BMP.

Support for digital negative formats from the latest DSLR digital cameras.

Rename images to meaningful names with the help of our powerful renaming tool.

Directly upload the watermarked images to your site (through FTP).

Improve your productivity with the help of predefined profiles and scripts.


Watermark photos with fully customizable single and multi-line text.

Protect photos with image watermarks (e.g. your company's logo).

Add grunge borders to your pictures in batch mode.

Decorate your photos with classic picture frames.

Add vintage picture frames to batches of photos.

Apply a shape frame to your pictures.


Change the image size for your pictures before applying the watermarks.

Automatically rotate photos to the correct orientation before watermarking.

Automatically crop images to predefined coordinates.

License Description

🛑 This license is only for this version
🛑 This license is only for windows

🎁 Product Description
✔️ Original license and not the result of crack
✔️ License in the form of Alpha Numeric for Activation
✔️ 1 license key only for 1 device / device / laptop / PC
✔️ Make sure your computer has internet when activating
✔️ There are no COAs, DVDs, BOX and the like
✔️ Can be used for Windows 32 or 64 bit
✔️ The license can be used repeatedly even if used after reinstalling, provided that your computer is the same computer when you first activate it

✅ Please write your e-mail address or whatsapp number
✅ License details will be sent via WhatsApp and / or email
✅ We do not ship physical goods

🚚 Shipping Process:
📧 Send via email and or via whatsapp
📧 Enter an email on the purchase note / via chat order

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License Bits & Coffee Photo Marks Professional 2020 Lifetime Activation
License Bits & Coffee Photo Marks Professional 2020 Lifetime Activation
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