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License Bit Recover VHD Recovery Wizard Pro Lifetime Activation


License Bit Recover VHD Recovery Wizard Pro

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Product Details

BrandBit Recover
Price USD$ 5.95

Product Description

VHD Recovery Wizard
Data recovery from .vhd & .vhdx virtual drives
(Supports file recovery from .vhd, .vhdx, .avhd, .avhdx virtual drives created with Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle Virtualbox etc)

All-in-One VHD Virtual Hard Drive Recovery Software
VHD Recovery Wizard is a complete solution to mount & explore corrupt or damaged virtual drives saved as .vhd or .vhdx files. Software performs read-only vhd data recovery. It is very helpful & handy tool for IT technicians, System administrators & forensics investigators to explore & extract data from .vhd, .avhdx or .vhdx drives.

What all software can do
  • Read (read-only), explore, view & extract files or folders from corrupt & damaged *.vhd, *.vhdx, *.avhd or *.avhdx virtual drives
  • Recovers deleted files & folders from .vhd, .avhd or .vhdx virtual machine
  • Note : Use "Data Recovery Wizard" software to recover a deleted virtual machine or .vhd file from your computer.
  • Recovers data from formatted partitions of .vhd / .vhdx virtual drives
  • Restores & recovers data from deleted, missing or lost virtual disk partitions
  • Recovers data from vhd raw partitions & virtual drive showing inaccessible or having corrupt partitions
  • Allows you to view & recover data from virtual machines failed to start and shows black screen or BSOD error messages
  • Supports data recovery from fixed, linked, differencing & dynamic virtual virtual hard drives (*.vhd, *.vhdx, *.avhdx)
  • Supports all formats of .vhd or *.vhdx files created with Microsoft Virtual PC, Hyper V, Virtualbox or via Diskpart & Disk Management create vhd option
  • Option to search required files from virtual hard drives
  • Tested tool on more than 40 TB virtual hard disks
  • Supports Virtual machines .vhd or .vhdx files created in Windows 10, 2016, 2012, 2003, 8.1, 8, 7, 2000, XP

License Description

🛑 This license is only for this version
🛑 This license is only for windows

🎁 Product Description
✔️ Original license and not the result of crack
✔️ License in the form of Alpha Numeric for Activation
✔️ 1 license key only for 1 device / device / laptop / PC
✔️ Make sure your computer has internet when activating
✔️ There are no COAs, DVDs, BOX and the like
✔️ Can be used for Windows 32 or 64 bit
✔️ The license can be used repeatedly even if used after reinstalling, provided that your computer is the same computer when you first activate it

✅ Please write your e-mail address or whatsapp number
✅ License details will be sent via WhatsApp and / or email
✅ We do not ship physical goods

🚚 Shipping Process:
📧 Send via email and or via whatsapp
📧 Enter an email on the purchase note / via chat order

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License Bit Recover VHD Recovery Wizard Pro Lifetime Activation
License Bit Recover VHD Recovery Wizard Pro Lifetime Activation
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