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License Asoftis Burning Studio Pro Lifetime Activation


License Asoftis Burning Studio Pro

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  • Windows
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  • 32 Bit
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Product Details

Price USD$ 5.95

Product Description

Asoftis Burning Studio
  • Supports all media types including Blu-ray, M-Disc, RW, DL, etc.
  • Uses an internal driver for burning and allows you to burn even in a corrupted system
  • Burns, makes copies, rewrites and appends all types of media
  • Supports all writing method (TAO, DAO, DAO96, etc.)
Compatible with all types of media, such as M-Disc, mass storage Blu-rays (BD-XL), standard Blu-rays (BD-R, BD-RE, BD-R DL, BD-RE DL), Dual Layer DVDs (DVD + R DL and DVD-R DL), standard DVDs (DVD-R, DVD + R, DVD-RW, DVD + R, DVD-RAM), and standard CDs (CD-R and CD-RW).

Supports data structures for DVD Video Disk (*.vob, *.ifo, *.bup) and automatically prepares structure folders to be written in. With Blu-ray Video discs it supports the hard drive structure by transferring it and also AVCHD data coding for Blu-ray burning.

The application allows you to burn traditional data on all types of media of all sizes. With non-closed media, you can add – update – additionally burn or “delete” data.

Supports all methods of writing TAO, DAO and DAO96, data types of media ISO 9660 (including Joliet, level 1 to 3, and Romeo), UDF (all versions including partition) and a combined ISO / UDF type. Naturally, everything is pre-set so it can be used immediately without the need for any setting up.

Disc copying is done in 1:1 mode. Disc content is read as raw data, which maintains the boot sectors of the original disc on the target disc.

The application allows you to create *.ISO disc images under ISO 9660 while maintaining a boot sector in the ISO file. These and other ISO files can subsequently be burned onto your chosen medium (CD, DVD, Blu-ray etc.).

It also allows you to delete rewritable media, either quickly by erasing a partition sector so that the disc is blank and ready for writing, or thoroughly, where each sector of a rewritable disc is set to zero.

Benefits of the application:
  • Using its internal burn driver or switching to a Windows ASPI driver
  • Saving a project for later use where current files from the hard drive are always burned onto the disc from the original location
  • Detailed settings of ISO 9660 or UDF for experts, including configuration help
  • Supports all interfaces: EIDE, USB, FireWire (IEEE-1394), Thunderbolt, SATA, e-SATA

License Description

🛑 This license is only for this version
🛑 This license is only for windows

🎁 Product Description
✔️ Original license and not the result of crack
✔️ License in the form of Alpha Numeric for Activation
✔️ 1 license key only for 1 device / device / laptop / PC
✔️ Make sure your computer has internet when activating
✔️ There are no COAs, DVDs, BOX and the like
✔️ Can be used for Windows 32 or 64 bit
✔️ The license can be used repeatedly even if used after reinstalling, provided that your computer is the same computer when you first activate it

✅ Please write your e-mail address or whatsapp number
✅ License details will be sent via WhatsApp and / or email
✅ We do not ship physical goods

🚚 Shipping Process:
📧 Send via email and or via whatsapp
📧 Enter an email on the purchase note / via chat order

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License Asoftis Burning Studio Pro Lifetime Activation
License Asoftis Burning Studio Pro Lifetime Activation
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