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License Aoao SWF To GIF 2020 Pro Lifetime Activation


License Aoao SWF To GIF 2020 Pro

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  • Windows
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  • 32 Bit
  • 64 Bit

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Product Details

BrandAoaoPhoto Digital Studio
Price USD$ 4.95

Product Description

LEADING TECHNOLOGY - ZERO quality loss and ZERO frame rate loss

This is simple windows program for convert swf file to animated GIF. In addition, you can also be flexible to control the frame rate.
  • Convert a flash SWF file to animated GIF image
  • Convert a SWF to seriate pictures
  • Special effects is available during the process
  • SWF to image resize
  • Keep the frame rate as same as original SWF file
Convert SWF to Animated GIF
Fast and easy way to convert Flash SWF to animated GIF with Aoao SWF to GIF Converter. It will be more suitable for transmission, using chat tools to release dynamic picture and any situations which can not use flash document. SWF to GIF can optimize the output, ensuring the same quality, the smallest document.

Lossless Convert SWF to animated GIF
In the conversion process, Aoao SWF to GIF Converter will retain the effect of SWF file intact and provide the multi-level choice of the quality to adapt to different purpose. SWF to GIF converter include changing file size, and set the output effects in advance . SWF to GIF uses the most advanced decoding technology, not only can identify the common flash SWF files, but also support perfectly for Script SWF which the majority of similar software can not identify

Why Convert SWF to GIF
Because GIF files is small and support the flash show, it's very popular but many friends have a certain degree of difficulty when producing animated GIF from swf file, SWF to GIF solve this problem for you. You just need input SWF files into SWF to GIF program then do few steps, you will get your own GIF flash images. At the same time you can also use our company’s watermark software, producing your own logo on the animated gif image. SWF to GIF also supports exporting single picture in any format from the SWF file.

Convert SWF to seriate pictures
Easy to convert SWF file to picture files like JPG, GIF, BMP, TGA, TIF, PCX, Ico, etc. You can also capture single picture from swf.

This process just need 3 steps: Load SWF file > Select the output period > Run

Make effects during the process of conevrt SWF to GIF
Variety of special effects will bring more fun on the swf to GIF conversion process, the better is everybody able to make special effects by one click. And, it will not extend the time of conversion process.

The special effects including: black and white, gray scale, emboss, invert, blue, sharpen, noise, brighten, etc.

effect of video to gif
Frame Rate of convert video to gif

Precise Control of Frame Rate
With Aoao SWF to GIF Converter, you can select any period of times which you want to get output. Such as just convert beginning part or ending part to the animated GIF file. Another useful function is rate setting, that means you can set 24 frames per second to get the animated GIF as same as original swf or just 1 frame per second to get animated GIF with small size. Download Aoao SWF to GIF converter to enjoy more...

Aoao SWF to GIF Converter adopt time slider + frame rate control to set part of outputting. On this basis, you can also fine-tune to each frame (usually one minute with 24 frames)

License Description

🛑 This license is only for this version
🛑 This license is only for windows

🎁 Product Description
✔️ Original license and not the result of crack
✔️ License in the form of Alpha Numeric for Activation
✔️ 1 license key only for 1 device / device / laptop / PC
✔️ Make sure your computer has internet when activating
✔️ There are no COAs, DVDs, BOX and the like
✔️ Can be used for Windows 32 or 64 bit
✔️ The license can be used repeatedly even if used after reinstalling, provided that your computer is the same computer when you first activate it

✅ Please write your e-mail address or whatsapp number
✅ License details will be sent via WhatsApp and / or email
✅ We do not ship physical goods

🚚 Shipping Process:
📧 Send via email and or via whatsapp
📧 Enter an email on the purchase note / via chat order

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License Aoao SWF To GIF 2020 Pro Lifetime Activation
License Aoao SWF To GIF 2020 Pro Lifetime Activation
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