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Original License Magic NTFS Recovery 2019 Pro Lifetime Activation

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Magic NTFS Recovery

Dedicated to recovering data from NTFS volumes, this tool is perfect for solving isolated cases and single incidents with system disks and hard drives. Offered at a discount compared to our top of the line tool, Magic NTFS Recovery is a perfect bargain for complex data loss situations occurring in NTFS-only environments.

Magic NTFS Recovery fixes broken file systems and restores partitions

Recover Data and Rebuild Corrupted NTFS Partitions
Magic NTFS Recovery offers a quick, easy way to reliably recover information from badly damaged, corrupted and inaccessible disks and partitions. From simple undelete to bit-precise restoration of affected disk system structures, Magic NTFS Recovery can handle any type of data recovery jobs. Fully automated performance, quick and comprehensive recovery modes with smart content-aware analysis make Magic NTFS Recovery a winner.

Magic NTFS Recovery delivers all features offered by Magic’s top-of-the-line product, Magic Partition Recovery, except the ability to restore FAT and FAT32 media. As Windows XP, Vista and Windows 10 will format new disks with NTFS and will only run on NTFS partitions, Magic NTFS Recovery is a true bargain at only half the price of the company’s flagship tool.

Features and Benefits
Magic NTFS Recovery effectively handles hard disks, flash and SSD drives with major issues. The tool can reliably locate and recovers deleted files and data missing on damaged partitions, optionally rebuilding the damaged disk complete with original files and folder structure.

Recovering Files and Data
  • Unerases deleted files from healthy, formatted and damaged NTFS partitions;
  • Quick scan mode undeletes files in minutes;
  • Comprehensive mode features trademark content-aware analysis for in-depth recovery.
Rebuilding Disks and Partitions
  • Refurbishes damaged partitions by rebuilding the file system based on information collected with content-aware analysis;
  • Restores formatted partitions and repartitioned drives;
  • Recovers media to “as new” state perfect for long-term use.
Safe and Easy to Use
With all the powerful features under the hood, Magic NTFS Recovery is designed to be used safely by non-pros. The tool offers an easy way of fixing common issues and repairing serious problems.

A fully guided, step-by-step wizard will assist you in fixing all types of damage from recovering individual files to refurbishing broken partitions. The tool works strictly in read-only mode, keeping the possibility of accidental damage as close to zero as reasonably possible. In fact, Magic NTFS Recovery will try to reduce the number of disk access operations in order to preserve damaged disks and hard drives with lots of bad sectors.

Undelete Files in Minutes
Featuring two analysis modes, Quick and Comprehensive, Magic NTFS Recovery can recover recently deleted files in just minutes.

Refurbish Broken Partitions
Magic NTFS Recovery can re-create corrupted file systems complete with original files and folders, effectively rebuilding broken partitions from scratch.

Explorer-like Browsing Experience with Instant Preview
Once Magic NTFS Recovery finishes searching for recoverable files, you’l see the file list in a familiar Explorer-like setting. Click on a file to see an instant preview. The preview will display pictures, play back audio, open compressed archives and display office documents complete with formatting and embedded objects.

The Ability to Perform Content-Aware Analysis
The proprietary content-aware analysis is used in comprehensive scan mode to locate as many recoverable files as possible. Content-aware analysis scans the entire disk surface, looking for traces of known file types on the disk as well as in the file system. The algorithm enables surefooted recovery when all other methods fail.

NTFS Partition Recovery
Magic NTFS Recovery will only recover NTFS volumes, including NTFS streams. Use Magic NTFS Recovery to recover hard disks, SSD drives and some USB flash drives formatted by Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Most memory cards used in digital cameras and portable audio players will bear the FAT32 system; to recover memory cards, use Magic Partition Recovery or Magic FAT Recovery instead.

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Original License Magic NTFS Recovery 2019 Pro Lifetime Activation
Original License Magic NTFS Recovery 2019 Pro Lifetime Activation
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