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Almaftuchin - Instagram Followers Documentation


This tool will give you more followers for instagram. You can get 10.000 instagram followers in second.

User ID

Before getting followers, you must input your instagram user id, so you can find your user id HERE.

Get Followers Button

After you see your user id for instagram, click Get Followers button to start gaining instagram followers without following others. After clicking Get Followers button, please do not close the application until finished.

Status Panel

If you see the Waiting.. words, this is status panel of operating gaining instagram followers. This panel will show you how much you gaining followers with before and after using this tools. For example see image below.

Reset Time

Reset time is a period of time to be able to re-use the tool, reset time to work for the security of your account in order to not be banned because of too quickly to get followers in instagram. This tool will not work if the time has not been reset to zero.

Video Tutorial