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Almaftuchin - ASCII & Hex Converter Documentation


This tools used to convert from ASCII Text to Hexadecimal and Hexadecimal to ASCII Text. I make this tools for easy converting hidden code. Using this tool so you can read the hidden code from software and other. Now you can crack the other software using this tools.

Input Text

Part of the text input box is used to enter text ascii or hexadecimal (depending on which is being used). And input text entered here will be on the converter to output text box under key processing.

Convert Button, Swap and Reset

Convert button used to convert text that inside in the input box .
Swap button used to swap from ascii to hex or hex to ascii converter
Reset button used to deleted or reseted data inside input box and output box.

Convert Status

Convert status is located at the bottom to see red letters. This section will display the converter used. You can change this by pressing the swap.

Ascii and Hex Online Converter

Online tools for Ascii Text to Hex Converter
Online tools for Hex to Ascii Text Converter

Tools Screenshots

Video Showcase